Your First Training Plan - Train To Run

Everything depends on your level of fitness. Lance Armstrong said running a marathon was the hardest thing he ever did, I'm just happy to finish one. His sub 3-hour marathon equates to my 1/2 marathon time - give or take some minutes. The Basics of running are simple, efficiency of stride, lactic acid threshold, base training, patience and determination.


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Running Clothes - 3 C's of Running Clothes

I love running clothes, and will buy something new for myself anytime I can come up with an excuse to do so! It doesn't even have to be a good excuse or a new one...I'm not too proud to use stale, bad excuses when necessary.

In fact, more than half of my wardrobe is composed of running attire: running shirts and running shorts and jackets and tights. Running shoes and socks and hats, oh my!

I have tried (but not quite succeeded yet) to get every color available in both tops and running shorts...